About the Author

A brief history of random shenanigans.

Randolph Lalonde finished his first novel at the age of seventeen.

"I had no idea what I was doing, but that was part of the beauty of it. I made a lot of mistakes early on and learned a great deal with no real expectation to publish."

Thankfully, over thirty more novels would follow. Before starting a career as a full time self published writer in 2008, Randolph has been a Blackjack Dealer for a travelling casino, owned a tiny computer shop, print and design store, answered phones for a New York Cable Company, built computers and had several other occupations.

"I spent ten years working at different call centres between other opportunities, jumping to more interesting jobs whenever I could find one. The exciting stuff never lasted, but I had some memorable experiences along the way."

He's also been a drummer in several heavy metal bands you've never heard of.

"While Dark Arts isn't autobiographical by any stretch, the limited time I spent on stage, some of the people I met and a few of my own misadventures informed that book. I haven't been able to play an instrument for years, but music will always be a part of my life."

Since 2008 Randolph has written and published novels in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Self Help categories. While the Self Help book was a disaster that nearly led to litigation, the rest of his work has been downloaded over a million times and, after tens of thousands of reviews, he has an an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

"I owe much of my success to the people who have been following Spinward Fringe. I'm still amazed and humbled at how well loved that series is and I make every effort to make each book more entertaining than the last."

When he isn't writing, Randolph Lalonde enjoys role-playing games (designing and playing), video games, photography and a few other hobbies. He's been known to experiment with podcasts and other projects on occassion. He currently lives in Northern Ontario, Canada.