NEM: Crimson Shores Is Coming!

Updated: 4 days ago

Warning! If you haven't read NEM: Awakening, the following contains massive spoilers. If you have read it, then please read on. You can grab a copy of the first book in this series for free here. You can also find it on other ebook platforms like Amazon, the Apple Bookstore, Barnes and Noble as well as Smashwords.

NEM: Crimson Shores is the sequel to NEM: Awakening, wherin Grant, a life-long story teller and dungeon master in his mid-thirties is dropped into the a fantasy world. Now that he realizes that NEM isn't a figment of his imagination and that the stakes are higher than he could have imagined, he continues south down the Vrain River.

The complications that await him are plentiful, but there are also hidden allies who will understand that he's trying to save the only Goddess that truly cares about the people living along the Vrain, which include Humans, Ondi, Dwarves, and even Goblins. Will he be able to bring enough people together to defeat Marat and his army?

Crimson Shores greatly expands on the world of Nemori and digs deeper into the lives of the party that formed in the first book. I had a fantastic time writing it, and hope you enjoy it just as much.

NEM: Crimson Shores will be out on November 14, 2021 on this site, Amazon and most other EBook retailers. You can preorder right now if you want it the second it's available through these sellers:

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