NEM: Crimson Shores Is Out!

I'm proud to announce that NEM: Crismon Shores, the second book in the NEM series, is now available at all quality ebook sellers. You'll find links to most of them at the end of this short article.

Put simply, Crimson Shores details and concludes the story of Grant's southern journey. He and his party learn a great deal about themselves and their changing world as they deal with the aftermath of the confrontation with Vismag and rush towards Marat and his followers.

Meanwhile, in the north, Kinso finally departs the crypt he called home for three centuries and finds that the town above has grown into a great city. Not even he can imagine where even a little adventuring there could take him.

This book starts with a prologue that's not written by Grant, but one of his best friends on Earth; Russ, who has slipped his pages into the second volume to detail his inclusion in it. It's a new voice, one that has a greater appreciation for humor, a love of fantasy movies and other media that goes beyond Grant's fixation with Nemori, and comes with his own problems.

The rest of the book was just as much fun to write for me, even portions where Grant is again paralized by indecision because he knows too much about the world and its rules. Writing his perspective was at times uncomfortable for me because, as a writer of a long series (Spinward Fringe), I could relate during his times of near claustrophobic knowing. Instead of dumbing down that part of the book, I leaned in, and Grant discovered an embarassment of riches in the maps and encyclopedias in his head as I did in Spinward Fringe, both of us eventually choosing an interesting destination to adventure in. For him, it was a direction that may or may not stoke the fires of faith in his companions as well as provide new equipment and riches. The adventure I'm choosing will take me through familliar and unfamilliar parts of the Spinward Fringe universe that will test the characters I've been writing about for years.

That's where most of the similarities between Grant and I end, but it was still such fun writing his character, especially since he was surrounded with very interesting companions. Laylen, Ilsa, Dale, Rea, Mist, and Kinso all return for this second book, and they're joined by a few new companions as they face a challenge that would be daunting to practically anyone.

While most sequels are love letters to the books that they sprang from, this is a continuation of the stories that started there, revealing many details about the ongoing story then coming to a conclusion where not all of our heroes are left standing in the end. I truly enjoyed writing NEM: Crimson Shores, and am happy to have made it through the challenges it presented.

I hope you relish the journey, laugh along with the characters, and feel like you've taken a satisfying journey with them by the end.

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