Psycho Electric Release Date Bumped To May 21

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I know, this never comes as good news. Delaying the release date for this book nearly a month isn't ideal for me either, so I'm doing it for the best of reasons.

To be honest, I could finish my draft of this novel in a few days, but I find myself dropping story points and rushing the conclusion, which is always a mistake in my opinion. So, I'm taking a couple of weeks to write every part of the ending I want so no one is short-changed in the end.

Psycho Electric is supposed to be a one-shot Spinward Fringe Novel that takes place adjacent to the regular Spinward Fringe Series, so leaving unfinished subplots and a lot of unanswered questions behind isn't appropriate for this book. I'll be happy to expand it into a trilogy, but the stories in books two and three would be a new experience that would take the story forward in a different way than in the Unlimited Spinward Fringe Series.

So, knowing that I may never touch this book after its release, I'd rather make sure I've written it the way I like, and sadly, I need more time.

The good news is that the book is still coming out, and I think it's in great shape. I also know what I have to write to deliver a quality ending, so all I need is time. There will also be more time for editing, so none of the proofreaders and editors working on this will be as rushed as they were under the previous deadline.

Regardless of the multiple reasons for the delay, I am still sorry about it. The book will come out in eBook and Print formats on May 21, 2022, and will be available a couple of weeks earlier (in eBook form) to readers on Patreon, where Psycho Electric is already being released in a first draft serialized format.

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