Welcome to the New Site

It was about time to update to a modern blog with more features, especially since I started the last blog sometime in 2006. Things have changed just a tad since then.

There's space for everything here; links to my books outside of the site, a store so you can buy them directly from me, and I now have the freedom to offer free and requested stuff.

I'm starting with a digital only store at the moment, so you'll be able to find all my ebooks and the Spinward Fringe Broa

dcast 0: Origins Audio Book when it comes out. Right now you can listen to the Prologue for free on the Home Page.

Aside from the store, there are new forums, a way to contact me more directly, and I'll be able to offer a lot more from this one spot. I'm looking forward to using website to show you more of my imaginary world and interact with you more.

Thank you for visiting!


[I couldn't choose an image for this post, so enjoy the strange giant snails!]